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At Paradigm, we believe that what you love and what you do shouldn't be two separate things. 

Our team members come from all over the world and are passionate about developing innovative solutions to the world's greatest challenges. They enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds, collaborating with others to build extraordinary new brands, and creating products that make the world a better place. If this sounds like you, we'd love for you to become part of team Paradigm. Take a look at our job postings below to get a better idea of who we're looking for, but don't hesitate to introduce yourself if you think you can bring something great to our team that we haven't mentioned here.      


Seeking Positions


Business Developer

We're looking for a Business Developer to help streamline our sales process and build new client relationships. 


We work with a wide variety of different clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. We're looking for an eager Business Developer who can help us showcase the value of design to these companies and build our bottom line. Your main role will be to source and build relationships with potential clients, close deals, secure new revenue, and help Paradigm grow. 

Applicants should be comfortable meeting new people and making new connections, promoting a company or a set of ideas, and actively listening in conversations to best determine how to approach potential clients. They will be accountable for sourcing new leads, promo-ing clients to the company, and closing deals for Paradigm, along with keeping track of their progress, forming a contacts list, and looking for new ways for Paradigm's business to grow in the future. 



Venture Developer

We're looking for a Venture Developer to work with our team and our clients to build better investor relationships.  


We work with people that we believe in. Using our expertise and design process methods we focus on helping businesses elevate their products to the highest level so that they can achieve the greatest level of success. As venture developer, your main goal will be to source and build relationships with investors, accelerators, mentors, partners, and other business and design experts in order to further boost our team and the teams we work with.

Applicants should be masters at working with other people and building relationships with new contacts. They should be entrepreneurial in spirit and comfortable with taking the initiative. Ideally, they should be well connected to the small business and startup ecosystem on the east coast, nationwide, and/or internationally. They should also be comfortable switching between startup and corporate environments. 



Visual Designer

We're looking for an ace designer who's comfortable working in a wide variety of different formats, from User Experience and User Interface to Brand, Print, Web, and Design Strategy.


Visual designers are at the heart of how Paradigm provides value to our clients. They lead the way in creating beautiful and meaningful visual expressions of brands, products, and ideas and act as ambassadors for how people all over the world will perceive and interact with the businesses we work with. Furthermore, they serve as conduits for understanding, working to make products easier to use and more impactful for the people that use them.   

Above all, applicants should have a clear understanding of design thinking and the design process, should be strategically minded, should be comfortable sketching, and should have a mastery of basic design principles. They should be comfortable working with the Adobe Suite (mainly Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and AfterEffects) and should be able to use other design programs like Sketch, InVision/InVision Studio, Figma, and/or Adobe XD. Previous experience as a visual designer is recommended and applicants should be comfortable explaining their ideas to teams and clients. Portfolio required for application.     



Product Designer

We're looking for a top-notch industrial designer to help us develop human-centered, impactful, and innovative product solutions. 

Along with Visual Designers, Product Designers make up Paradigm's core design team. They are at the forefront of physical products and 3D objects and work closely with clients to identify requirements, understand contexts, and ideate prototypes that solve complex design problems. Along with these responsibilities, they are also a key part of the design strategy team and will conduct product research, market analysis, and precedent studies alongside the visual design team. 

Just like Visual Designers, applicants should have a clear understanding of design thinking and the design process, should be strategically minded, and should have a mastery of basic design principles. Product Designers should be highly proficient in sketching and should be comfortable ideating in multiple mediums and settings to show both breadth and depth. They should also be able to use digital design programs including the Adobe Suite and Fusion360 and/or another prototyping/rendering software. Previous experience as an industrial designer is recommended and applicants should be comfortable explaining their ideas to teams and clients. Portfolio required for application.   



Business Analyst Intern

We're looking for a business intern who is eager to gain experience and can adapt to a fast-paced environment.


Are you learning a lot in school but don't have much experience applying what you've learned in actual professional industry scenarios with real stakes? As the job market grows more competitive, it will take more than just education to develop your dream career, you need to demonstrate you can actually consistently and efficiently deliver ROI in a realistic setting--we can help with that.

In this full-time position, as a business analyst intern at PARADIGM, you'll get the chance to fully immerse yourself and research, analyze, strategize, develop, implement, test, iterate, manage, and measure (including but not limited to) new business strategies, tactics, initiatives, communities, content, processes, and intelligence to improve our current state and accelerate growth with both the management and global teams in a fast-paced, young, energetic, innovative, and high-intensity industry environment.

Think you have what it takes to be a part of the team? Then we'd love to learn more about you and see if you're in alignment with our professional values, company vision, and team culture.


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