Create a scalable, online platform where students will have access and exposure to numerous experiential learning, enrichment, and employment opportunities (both national and local).


The platform should be ready for use in the 2018-2019 school year. By entering this partnership, WCPSS will have the advantage of being the very first school district to use the OpportuniMe platform. We believe that this aligns both Brian and WCPSS's goals along with our own.


One of the many practical advantages of this is that WCPSS will be partnered with OpportuniMe, a compnay which has been featured in Forbes, Mogul, GoodWall,, and other publications. This positive PR aspect is also an appealing incentive for the corporate and university opportunity providers who want to amplify their brands and appeal to consumers (which studies show are becoming increasing conscious about the companies they choose to support), in addition to colleges and universities who want to attract high school students to their campuses.


To move forward together, the team will need a budget from WCPSS for the completion of the design and development of the platform.

Would you like to proceed together?

Thank you,