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Build an ecosystem of organizations and individuals that work to build a better tomorrow by combining human-centered business innovation, management, strategy, and design.


We are dedicated to helping purpose-driven companies identify hidden risks, overcome challenges, discover opportunities, scale intelligently, and maximize potential.


Our ecosystem will empower other inspired organizations and individuals by helping them realize their vision for reimagining the way we live, work, & play--a vision for humanity's best future.

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Sunny Su

PRINCIPAL • innovation, strategy, & design

Sunny is an award-winning executive designer and director whose work has brought success and scale to both the earliest ventures and largest of enterprises. He founded Paradigm to take an active role in creating a stronger future for our global community.

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Ben Markoch

PRINCIPAL • Brand, Experience, & Digital

Ben has worked with numerous national and international academic institutions, businesses, organizations, agencies and startups  and has travelled abroad throughout Europe, Canada, and South America. Ben is fluent in French and proficient in Spanish.

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