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Innovation by Design

Paradigm's Innovation by Design (IxD) conference is a weekend event in Raleigh, NC featuring business and design leaders from across the world.

Interested in learning more? The skills and concepts you explore in the summit are put to use by Paradigm every day for clients all over the world. Get in touch with us, or follow us on Facebook to learn how we might be able to help you with your idea, business or venture, or attend one of our upcoming events.

And last but not least, mark your calendars!

The next IxD Summit will be September, 2019 in Raleigh.

We’d love your input as to how we can make the summit even better.

We invite you to take a brief survey to give us your feedback. As a special thank you for filling out our survey, we’d like to gift you 20% off tickets for IxD 2019 (emailed to you after survey has been completed).

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