Intelligent Task Management For Value-Driven Work


Create an online project management tool that incorporates a unique algorithm for organizing projects and tasks based on customizable priorities

our solution

We worked with our client, Mike, to build Axia, a software platform that created a space for users to input their own priorities and then apply them to a variety of tasks in order to determine which projects they should be working on now and which ones they can hold for later.

Our Client

Mike Bloise

Mike is the lead developer at Recognin Technologies. He reached-out to us after hearing about how we can help build ideas into fully fledged products.

Our Process

Using Mike’s prioritization algorithm as our guide, we dove into research on potential target customers and their day-to-day responsibilities. We used these responsibilities to develop personas and customer journey maps that helped us define the functional requirements of the platform, then began building specific task flows around these functions. Gradually, these task flows became structural wireframes. Over several rounds of design iteration, we developed a hi-fidelity user interface and design language that would help users achieve their goals.

Our initial user flow for Employees and Contractors. We used this role’s perceived functionalities to help build the platform’s final touchpoints.

Refining information from our sketches and studies into a strategic diagram we used to create touchpoints and functionalities.

We started with structural interface wireframe sketches to establish a base workflow.

As we developed the workflow, we explored UI possibilities in color scheme, typography, and style.

Final Designs

Paradigm delivered a series of screens to illustrate the workflow and feel of Mike’s vision. We packaged everything within a pitch deck that combined content, screens, and illustrations for pitching to investors. (need more here about our design choices rather than the business features)

Prioritize what’s most important to you.

Apply custom values to workspaces so that Axia sorts your projects and tasks and automatically directs your focus on what needs to be accomplished now.

Stay on track.

Axia will be the director in your pocket: It will send you consistent daily, weekly, or monthly updates to make sure nothing gets left behind.

Showcase your work.

Keep track of the progress you make on your projects, collaborate with team members, and share files with cleints, all within Axia’s online platform.

As we developed the workflow, we explored UI possibilities in color scheme, typography, and style.


We took Axia from an idea to a fully-designed platform: A smarter, more adaptable project management system that was ready to help managers, administrators, strategists, and employees capitalize on their most important business goals.

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