The World’s First Completely Electronic Hookah


Design a completely electric hookah that is lighter, more durable, lower-cost, and easier to maintain while preserving the traditional values of hookah smoking.

our solution

Hyperion — an electric-heated hookah with a striking design that can perform all of the traditional functions of a hookah more efficiently and with greater return for shop owners.

Our Client

Denis Moldavsky

Denis was looking for a team who could help him visualize his product and lay the groundwork for future production and development. Not only could Paradigm help him visualize Hyperion, we could also help him build a brand around the product that would allow it to be more readily adopted by consumers and more attractive to investors.

Our Process

Before any design work could be started, we had to do our research. Despite having little to no background in the world of hookah, with Denis’ help, our team immersed themselves (at least, as spectators) in the inner workings of the hookah, the tradition around its use, and the social implications of creating a hookah using new technologies. This research allowed us to begin form ideation on a smaller, more compact hookah. At the same time, we consulted with our Engineering partner Meredith Biechele to ensure that all of the functionalities of traditional hookahs would be preserved in the final design.

Precedent analysis

Hookah form ideations

A product exploded view to highlight internal mechanics.

Brand experimentation

Final Designs

At the end of the process, we delivered a complete design concept for the world’s first completely electronic hookah system. We combined all of our models and user journeys in multi-language product decks that Denis could use to win more investment and manufacture his product in the US and in Russia.

Final rendering of hookah

Final user flow diagram

Mobile application

Brand experimentation


Before working with Paradigm, Hyperion was just an idea. With Paradigm’s help, Denis’ product become a tangible reality. Hyperion updates the tradition of hookah smoking to the modern day, and in turn reduces some of the health hazards associated with hookah by eliminating ash from hot coals from the smoking process.

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