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After years of inconsistent branding, the Institute for Emerging Issues needed an updated, comprehensive visual identity in preparation for their upcoming Emerging Issues Forums.

our solution

A new, systematic visual identity for the Institute that better aligned it with NC State University, its parent institution, and allowed for greater scalability into other forms and mediums as the organization grows.

Our Client

The Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI)

IEI reached-out to us because of our familiarity with NC State University’s brand, the Institute’s values, and our branding and implementation expertise.

Our Process

The first step in rebranding IEI was examining the relationships between other NC State partnered institutions and the University. This provided the groundwork for how IEI’s new brand system would live and function. From there, multiple rounds of ideation and feedback from stakeholders at the Institute as well as the NC State University Communications Office helped to refine a final visual identity. This visual identity was recorded in a brand guidelines booklet and was then implemented in the 2016 FutureWork forum.

IEI logo ideation

Final logo and typographic rules in the IEI brand booklet

Website redesign

Digital branded graphics at the 2016 FutureWork Forum

Final Designs

We created an updated, systematic brand for the Institute as well as all promotional and structural graphics for the 2016 FutureWork forum and the more recent ReCONNECT NC forum series.

Final ReCONNECT NC identity

ReCONNECT NC identity system

Digital branded graphics at the 2016 FutureWork Forum


The brand we created for the Institute for Emerging Issues helped to unite its efforts across the state of North Carolina and is still the guide for all of its new programs and initiatives today.

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