A Better Vision For Race Day


Create an interactive preparation platform that allows runners to completely visualize the course before race-day, join running groups, and get tips and tricks from the world’s top sports psychologists.

our solution

The Neurun App and Race Portal, a seamless way for runners to mentally prepare and participate in races with confidence, and for race directors to create communities around their running events.

Our Client

Cade Netscher, CEO of Neurun

Before working with Paradigm, Cade was looking for the best way to help runners use course video and race insights to their advantage. Paradigm worked with Neurun to build a seamless user experience and user interface and brought Neurun’s original company evaluation from 750k to 4 million in just three months. Neurun is now working with Adidas at their global venture program in Paris.

Our Process

Our first step was to work with Cade to determine his unique value proposition in relation to other race-preparation apps, then create a series of personas and user flows to help define a solidified user experience. From there, we worked to develop a complete platform architecture that would allow users to access all of the mindfulness features they would need to best take advantage of race-day. Once the architecture was built, we created a completely customized user interface to engage runners and allow them to access all of the insights they need as efficiently as possible. With this interface, we designed a hi-fidelity prototype that demonstrated the app’s value without a line of code.

An in-process platform architecture diagram

In-progress User Interface

The hi-fidelity prototype in action

Final Designs

With our hi-fidelity prototype, we were able to help Neurun secure funding from multiple investors, win a grant from Disney, and secure a partnership with Adidas at their Station F Venture Program in Paris. Now, we’re continuing to work with Neurun to help promote the platform to races and fitness brands around the world.     

Neurun on the app store

Neurun’s website

Neurun at the Station F pitch event


Our work with Neurun has helped them to scale by nearly 500%, and has allowed them to partner with global fitness brand Adidas to implement the platform at races around the world.

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