Say Goodbye to Single-Use Plastics and Shampoo-Soaked Suitcases


Design a packaging experience that promotes Nohbo Drops and helps users take full advantage of the product.

our solution

A custom-manufactured packaging solution that allows Nohbo Drops to be used in the shower or bath and highlights the products’ features on the shelves.

Our Client

Ben Stern

Ben was looking for a company with experience in small ventures who could not only design the physical elements of his product packaging, but also implement Nohbo’s visual brand and manage the manufacturing process.

Our Process

Our first step in working with Ben was to help him determine the final form of his product, the Nohbo liquidless shampoo drop. We created a 3D model of the actual drop, then used it to ideate a custom-packaging solution that would securely hold the drops while allowing for easy access in the shower or bath. Once the physical packaging was defined, we created custom packaging graphics to showcase the product and the brand in stores. From there we worked with Michael Pham, our manufacturing design partner at Stephen Gould, to create and produce the final molds using bioplastic.

Nohbo Drop 3D Model

Packaging ideation sketches

Packaging flat graphics

Final Designs

We created a custom-packaging solution for Nohbo that is now being manufactured and will be available in retail stores throughout the United States.

Final Nohbo Packaging


Nohbo Drops was Ben’s first manufactured product. With our packaging solution Nohbo has been able to build brand recognition and move on to a greater line of bioplastic products.

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