A Smarter Way to Park


Design a standardized parking system for Puerto Rico that can be scaled internationally.

our solution

Parkwell’s physical and digital parking system makes public parking seamless for both short term and recurring parkers.

Our Client

Lucciano Diaz

Lucciano found us through the Next Gen Community and chose to work with us because of our experience with scaling new ventures and helping startups acquire investment.

Our Process

To help bring Lucciano’s idea to life, we started with painpoints — what about public parking do you dislike most? Through user interviews and community surveys, we put together a list of “most-helpful” touchpoints for public parking and developed a user flow that allowed drivers to park more seamlessly and exit more efficiently. The system itself combines both physical and digital touchpoints to allow parkers a variety of different ways to park based on their preferences. We then worked to design how these touch points would look and function and combined them all in a product deck that illustrated the system’s effectiveness and scalability.

Functionalities research & process notes

Parking survey responses

User flow diagram

Parking kiosk ideation

Final Designs

Our final deliverable was a product deck that showcased the entire Parkwell system, from physical and digital touchpoints to the entire system functionality map, business plan, and implementation strategy.

Final product rendering

Final product rendering

Mobile journey

Parking kiosk ideation


The work we did for Parkwell was a great example of how a system could be both revolutionary and highly scalable at the same time. Lucciano is currently working to implement the parking system in Puerto Rico and will soon be focusing on how to create more efficient parking structures on the US mainland.

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