Enabling Communities to Take Ownership of Their City’s Water Quality


Design a concept for a community-implemented water-cleaning device as well as a curriculum that helps communities take ownership of their town’s water quality.

our solution

A hi-fidelity 3D concept for the Remora device with details on its implementation, function, and benefits for communities, as well as a product deck that describes how Remora can positively improve quality of life in the cities in which it functions.

Our Client

Omar Negron & Andrea Curet

Remora approached us at the very beginning stages of their venture and needed a team to help them visualize their product as well as help them build everything they’d need to set-up a fully functioning business. Paradigm provided them with the design and consultation they needed to get their idea and their business off the ground.

Our Process

Before beginning work on the physical device, we worked with Omar and Andrea to ideate a system architecture and user experience, complete with details about how Remora would work inside communities, develop curriculums, and then implement their product. Omar and Andrea worked on the ground in Puerto Rico, while the Paradigm team conducted user interviews with community members and engineers on the mainland. From there, we worked to create a digital model of the final device, complete with function details and usability requirements, which we included in finalized brand and product decks for promotion and investment.

Remora System Architecture

Product Lo-fi Ideation

Product Mid-fi Ideation

Product Deck Wireframes

Final Designs

We delivered 2 product decks complete with 3D concept models, detailed product diagrams, system architecture and implementation explanations, and business model projections as a firm foundation on which Remora can stand moving forward. In addition, we helped build a preliminary visual brand and website with which they can use to build a community of interest around the great work that they do.

Product hi-fidelity rendering

Companion mobile-app

Final product deck

Product Deck Wireframes


Using our product decks, concepts, and materials, Remora has gone on to be an award winner at the Enactus National Competition in San Francisco and is now competing for a grant from the FDA to implement Remora in communities across the US.

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