The Malkuta Project

Empowering Youth Through Education and Media


Design a brand that would better communicate Malkuta’s mission — to create a kingdom of empowerment across the US and encourage young adults to be able to tell their stories through media production — and implement this brand in the design of a new production studio.

our solution

A new visual identity and brand voice for Malkuta, one that focuses more deeply on the meaning of the organization’s name — a kingdom of empowerment — to energize students to participate in its programs and help the organization grow, and a modular studio design.

Our Client

Nathaniel Myers

Nate was looking for more powerful way to activate his organization’s mission to empower youth and expand his program’s reach throughout the state. He approached Paradigm because of our reputation in the community, our experience with community-based brands, and our connections throughout the State.

Our Process

We started our project with Malkuta at the beginning — what goal did Nate set-out to fulfill with Malkuta and how did he envision the program’s growth? From there, we took a deeper look at the name — how could we better visualize the “kingdom of empowerment” and make it more tangible for program students and teachers alike? We used responses to these questions to begin brand ideation and used these values as guiding principles to design a new visual brand and studio space for the organization.

Visual identity sketches

Visual identity digital sketches

In-progress brand guidelines

Sketches of interior design concept

Final Designs

We created a powerful new brand identity for The Malkuta Project that redirected focus on the organization’s mission and vision and encouraged students in specific locations to take ownership of their own Malkuta chapter. We illustrated the adaptability and scalability of the brand in a complete brand guidelines booklet, a new organizational website, and a complete interior design concept for the new production studio.

Final brand mark

Brand guidelines booklet

The Malkuta Project website

Sketches of interior design concept


Our work with The Malkuta Project helped to redefine the organization’s impact in the Triangle Region and throughout the state. Since our work with Nate, Malkuta has grown in size and in effect, forming new partnerships and new connections.

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