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by design.

You bring the idea. We help you research, roadmap, design, & activate your vision to change the world.

dare to shift

Our unique human-experience innovation, strategy, & design methods help your products, brands, & businesses not only grow--but thrive.

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areas of expertise

  • +Innovation & Strategy
  • +Brand & Marketing
  • +Web, App, & Digital
  • +Product & Prototyping
  • +Environment & Exhibit
  • +Activation & Experiences
Run better.

From idea to Adidas, learn how we helped Duke alum, Cade Netscher, take his comprehensive digital platform to thousands of runners worldwide.

Live better.

Just one of the many CPG (consumer packaged good) brands we helped entrepreneur John Lifrieri bring to over 10,000+ international customers.

Park better.

Until Lucciano Diaz, public parking in Puerto Rico was a nightmare—now it could take less than 30 seconds—and introduce new revenue streams.

Learn better.

See how we helped Nathaniel Myers bring students of all backgrounds together to start their career in media journalism and build a scalable global community.

Relax better.

We loved helping Denis Moldavskiy transform an ancient social tradition into a modern IoT product system where a set of 16 units pays for itself in 6 months.

Work better.

When developer Mike Bloise needed to create software that customers would fall in love with, we gave him one that could triple productivity too.

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we're small but do big things

  • +100's of clients & partners served
  • +30+ professional accolades earned
  • +10's of thousands of customers acquired
  • +Over $2M+ in capital & revenue raised
  • +Portfolio worth into the 9-figures
  • +Millions of subscribers & followers gained

results-driven design

"Paradigm has been an invaluable asset to our team—helping us ideate and iterate efficiently and launch new products with a splash. We surpassed 1M+ subscribers with the help of their energetic and creative designs."

—Tyler Denk, Growth Lead, Morning Brew

"Over the last year, Paradigm has played a fundamental role in bringing our ideas not only to life, but to 10k+ customers around the globe. They seamlessly integrate into our team and we love working with them!"

-- John Lifrieri, Co-founder, John + Tom's

paradigm innovation is

A purposeful shift in thought and approach—a new model or standard—that results in sustainable, accelerated growth for people, brands, & businesses.

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  • +Put people first
  • +Dare to shift
  • +The future is now
  • +Anything is possible
  • +Innovation by design


Speaking +

We regularly speak and lead a variety of workshops, sprints, and talks around design thinking, business innovation, and more at universities, conferences, and organizations.

Annual Retreat

Global Innovation Retreat is a multi-day remote work + travel experience, complete with city-stays, expert strategy sessions, excursions, and visits to local businesses and points of interest.

Global Innovation Summit

Annual 1-day conference in Raleigh-Durham, NC's Triangle Innovation Week for innovators. Come for talks, workshops, showcases, themed lunches, VIP networking, dance party, and more.

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