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An automated, value-driven software platform that re-imagines the way you plan, manage, and complete projects and tasks.

Morning Brew

A daily finance and tech email newsletter with a readership of over 850,000. Paradigm worked with the company to rebrand their business and redesign their email newsletter.


A custom-manufactured packaging solution that solves single-use plastics and shampoo-soaked suitcases.


Remora is a community-development program and a physical device that helps communities clean water in their own cities or towns.

The Malkuta Project

The Malkuta Project fosters a community of empowerment by bringing students of all backgrounds together over a united passion for music, film, photography, and storytelling.


A mobile app with a mission to create new technologies that bring mind and body together in order to explore and enhance the ways mindfulness affects physical fitness.

John + Tom's

A line of all-natural CBD products made from US-grown hemp focused on altering the perception of cannabis-based products and making them more easily accessible.


Hyperion brings the ancient tradition of hookah to the 21 st century while preserving its most revered traits.

The Institute for Emerging Issues

Rebranding the Institute for Emerging Issues, the largest public policy organization in North Carolina.


Parkwell is a revolutionary new parking payment and management system designed to make public parking easier.

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